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Directions for changing your ALPA login

these directions will describe how to change your ALPA login username from your ALPA number to a username of your choice, depending of course on the availability of the selected username.

  1. First login to If you have already logged into any ALPA based website (i.e. the Mesaba ALPA site or the site) this step is already done.

  2. Next either click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the main ALPA website or click on the provided link on the Mesaba ALPA website.

    Username ExampleALPA login

    Change alpa username link on Mesaba website
  3. Next you will come to this screen

    ALPA personell change form
  4. Choose the Preferences tab in the menu on the left

    Personell tabPersonell menu
  5. That will bring to the following screen where you will select the "Change Password & Login Information" link

    change login info screen
  6. that will bring you to the following screen where you will click the box next to "Alternate Login". This will bring down a box that will allow you to enter an alternate login username.

    Alternate login

    Alternate login
  7. Enter your desired username in the box and click submit. Your login username should be changed to the username which you selected.

I hope this makes using the ALPA website more userfriendly. If anyone has any general sugestions about the website please click here.

Change Your Username from your ALPA number to a username of your choice now.

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